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Whether you fly airplanes or helicopters, enjoy flying 3D, Scale or just want to tear up the sky with your favorite aircraft, everyone is welcome.

Looking for a fun day in the sun, charge your batteries and come visit us today.
Our Mission Statement
The Fairfield Ohio Radio Kontrol Society, FORKS, is dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of model aviation in all its forms. Our primary responsibilities are the care and safe operation of our flying site, the advancement of flying and modeling skills by our membership, and promotion of our sport within the community through public exposure.
Where are we located?

Flying Forks

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Our flying field is located within the Pinegrove Landfill, 20 minutes southeast of Lancaster, Ohio
5131 Drinkle Road
Amanda, Ohio 43102
Visit the Pinegrove Landfill Website
With the exception of public events, access to the field is restricted to club members and landfill employees only. If you would like to visit the field please contact our Club President, Ron Kummer
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Gaint Scale Flyin Camping
As was agreed to last year, FORKS members, and outside registered guests
may camp out at the FORKS flying field from Friday evening June 27 until
Sunday late afternoon June 29th